PB Milk Chocolate Scones

It’s sad that certain things get a reputation they really don’t deserve. Like scones, for instance. Always thought to become easily dry and tasteless. These guys were far from it and these ones, even further.

Moist, tender, full of peanut butter, bursting with chocolate. I mean, there’s no way these could be bad. They amazed me!

IMG_9276 copy

One of these with a cup of hot coffee and you’ll know what perfection tastes like.

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Flourless Butterscotch Chip Brownies

I spent Friday night with some deadly cough-causing germs, a mug of hot water, an entire 9″ pizza and Julie & Julia. It is amazing what good food, and a movie about good food can do for the spirit. I’ve watched it before, but had forgotten just how badly Julie & Julia makes you want to race into the kitchen and churn out miracle after miracle.

IMG_9267 copy

So. I made these they-are-so-good-they-should-be-illegal brownies, some incredible peanut butter scones (coming soon) and mushroom sandwiches with homemade pesto for a lazy Saturday breakfast. Couple that with some great ravioli and pizza outside home, and the cough-germs, while still there, suddenly didn’t seem so evil.

IMG_9253 copy

Julia Child said “I like to eat!” when her husband asked her what she really likes to do. And just like Mrs Child, I do it well.

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Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins

I have waited ridiculously long to make these. And put in way too much energy looking for something as tiny as a poppy seed. I think every grocer around my home and office must recognize me as the girl who rushes in and out going “No? No black poppy seeds? They are used in baking…? No, those are white.”

IMG_9218 copy

Apparently, the black version isn’t sold here because Indian cooking requires only white poppy seeds. If, by some miracle one of you does know where to get them, please spill :)

This little bottle (and the muffin liners) came to me from my sister-in-law, along with these very awesome white chocolate chips. Thank you :)

IMG_9217 copy

There was no doubt I’d turn these into muffins, at last! Sweet, lemony satisfaction :)

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White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

I did it again. I let my blog take a backseat, watched it get lonelier and lonelier and my blog stats get more and more depressing. I’m not sure if juggling work and a blog is ever an easy task, but it’s beginning to get the better of me!

This Saturday I decided, enough is enough. I had a gorgeous collection of chocolate chips waiting to be used up and a pack of macadamia nuts I splurged on. Cookies had to happen.

IMG_9195 copy

Thick, puffy, soft, chewy. Bursting with rich macadamia nuts and sweet white chocolate. Not for the faint hearted.

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Plum Cake

There are some things that are meant to happen. Like baking this cake on weeknights. Apart from preparing the plums, there’s really no work involved and it tastes best left out overnight. Get home from work, make a cake, go to sleep, wake up, eat a cake.

IMG_9188 copy

I bring to you the softest butter cake I’ve ever eaten, giving this one a run for its money. Topped with tangy, juicy, sugary, cinnamony plums, it will blow your mind.

IMG_9185 copy

This is the way to eat fruits, if you ask me.

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Donut Muffins

It has been too, too long. I deserted The Desserted Girl. For shame.

An impressive three-week attack of the flu and work deadlines that drowned me, apparently do not leave a lot of time to maintain a hobby blog. Lucky I like the job I’m paid for and the one I’m not :)

Two nights ago I finally got down to making a Pamela Timms recipe I’d bookmarked a long time ago. I read her column in Mint Lounge, follow her blog and have grown to love the way she writes about Old Delhi, marble cake and everything in between.

IMG_9176 copy

 Muffins that taste like donuts. I was tempted to call them ‘Sparkling Vanilla Muffins’. Who knew caster sugar could look so glittery :)

These are a cinch to make and even easier to demolish. I have a box in the fridge right now that I’m forced to sit very far away from.

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Swedish Visiting Cake

I miss this cake so much. It was gone all too soon if you ask me. Devoured on a rainy morning last week by my family, as fascinated as I was at how deceptively plain it looked. One bite changed everything.

IMG_9155 copy

Imagine a basic butter cake, taken up several notches. Lemon zest, almonds and the softest, moistest slices. I have my sister-in-law and Dorie Greenspan to thank. One introduced me to the cake and the other created a recipe that many bloggers are worshipping! Google ‘Swedish Visiting Cake’ and you’ll know what I mean.

IMG_9141 copy

This unassuming looking cake is truly one of the best I’ve ever eaten. If you have 30 minutes to spare, there’s nothing else you should do with them!

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