Coffee Cheesecake with Tiramisu Bon Bons

I’m sorry for doing this to you. Except I’m not.

One should never apologize for cheesecake. Especially not for this cheesecake. Because this one here, is a pre-Christmas miracle.

IMG_8573 copy

There is coffee, a lot of it, chocolate, a lot of it, cream cheese, a lot of it, and then because there’s always room for improvement, there are Tiramisu Bon Bons from Earth Loaf, a lot of them.

IMG_8553 copy

This is not something you get into without being extremely prepared. Skip at least two meals, wear pants at least two sizes too big, and nap for at least two hours after.

Let’s begin :D

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Salted Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

So apparently perfection can be improved upon. As long as salted chocolate and pistachios are around. And as long as we have cookies, things can only get better.

IMG_8541 copy

I give you, buttery, soft, squidgy cookies studded not with chocolate chips which are so yesterday, but bittersweet salted dark chocolate from Earth Loaf and salted, roasted pistachios that even this girl who runs from dry fruits, couldn’t stop eating. Topped with coarse salt, these cookies take even perfection to a whole other level of perfect.


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Ricotta Cake with Chunky Blueberry Sauce

This post is about the little things. Appreciating them, respecting them, falling in love with them. Little things like a tiny bit of a innocent lemon zest that can take a basic cake to another realm. Little things like tangy blueberries suddenly turning a regular old loaf cake into something that calls for a smug smile as you serve it.

IMG_8449 copy

The Smitten Kitchen cookbook taught me that when ricotta cheese meets olive oil, it is no longer a combination to be laughed at, if it ever was. Because what you get is a soft, tender slice of lemony cake, rich but humble, until you spoon a warm spoonful of fresh, homemade blueberry sauce and watch as it soaks right in. Then you break off a piece and forget everything you knew about humility.

IMG_8445 copy

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Coconut Karanjis

Happy Diwali, everybody! This post comes to you late in the day but where festival food is concerned, it’s better late than never. It doesn’t really start to feel like Diwali till you’ve got your fingers gleaming with ghee and experience the aching limbs that come from standing straight for over an hour slowly moulding each one of these karanjis. The rewards are sweet :)

IMG_8506 copy

IMG_8497 copy

These karanjis have been at the back of my mind for weeks now, and I finally got the time to make them this morning. If you hurry, you can have them ready for the family dinner tonight :D

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Date and Honey Muffins (Sugar-free)

Diwali is upon us. It is time for the ladoos and nankhatais to make their annual grand entrance, sending us all into a sugar-induced stupor that only ends a week later. I’ve dusted off my Diwali lights, dug out diyas stored in mysterious places every year, and decided that the dry fruits in my fridge, which I will never end up eating as is, deserve to be used in Diwali sweets that do not necessarily have you bouncing off the walls with a sugar-rush.

I’m a huge advocate of binging during the festive season, but these muffins were such a deliciously welcome break from the usual suspects, I decided it must make an appearance on your Diwali table this year.

IMG_8428 copy

Dates and almonds come together with honey to give you a batch of toffee-caramel flavoured, refined sugar-free muffins that I promise will sit great next to that plate of barfee and will probably be gone just as fast :)

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Cauliflower Pesto with Spaghetti

Welcome back to Weekend Meals That Don’t Require The Whole Weekend To Make. Quesadillas have starred before, as has a delectable ratatouille. We are here to celebrate the fact that vegetables do not always need a bucket of spices emptied over them, or a deluge of oil, or a painful amount of chopping. We are here to acknowledge the fact that vegetables do in fact, have an unbelievable amount of flavour by themselves. The lesser you add to them, the lesser time it takes to prepare them.

IMG_8396 copy

Get a head of cauliflower and let’s get started. We’ll be done before this post ends.

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Coconut and Lemongrass Cake

I don’t flip through cookbooks. I pore over them. I make mental notes, stick Post-Its, read them like there’s a miraculous fourth book in the Millenium trilogy. With the humongous collection of recipes available online, blogs to gape at and cooking-related discussion groups of all kinds, it seems like there’s actually no need for cookbooks anymore.

But there is. Because you can’t get stains on the corner of a blog page (unless, I don’t know, your laptop sits dangerously close to your hand-mixer, something I’ve been guilty of) and basically, you can’t top a literal page-turner and I’m willing to get into a debate about that.

For now, let’s eat cake.

IMG_8369 copy

This super buttery, super moist coconut cake flecked with lemongrass comes from Rachel Allen’s aptly titled book, ‘Cake‘. It was love at first bite.

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