A Trip Down Calorie Lane

The Desserted Girl will be a year old next week! Didn’t think I’d make it this far, honestly. I thought the blog would either fail or I’d get bored. So fortunate that none of those things happened. Thank you so so so much for all the love, comments and encouragement, especially to those who’ve willingly been my guinea pigs :)

I thought a recap of my favourite posts over the last year would be a good way to reminisce before the blogversary post on April 24! I’ve burnt things, dropped things, broken things. I’ve cried over spilt milk and much more. I’ve chucked entire cakes in the bin (I know, it hurts) and inhaled entire batches of churros (scroll down) by myself.

And in spite of all of that, I’ve managed 86 posts of some pretty great desserts, 386 Facebook likes, 153 email followers and 48 WordPress followers. The Desserted Girl’s Pinterest board is something I started recently and that’s been picking up too. Baby steps, people, baby steps :)

Over this year, I’ve been proud of all my posts. I say that because apart from learning baking skills, I’ve battled low light, cramped balcony shooting, hot summer afternoons near the oven and running all over the city to find some pretty well-hidden ingredients and photo props. A special shout-out to my husband who’s been amazing about shooting some of my best posts and teaching me to carry on :)

So here goes, a bit of a trip down a very mouth-watering memory lane!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

I just want to begin by saying, ohmygodthiscakeohmygod.

Pass me a fork, please.

IMG_8486 copy

I’ve made cheesecake before. Here, here and here. But this one is living proof that my love for peanut butter is getting dangerously strong. Especially when there’s chocolate thrown in there. Oh and Oreos. Always. Have. Oreos.

IMG_8477 copy


I had 6 Oreos lying in a box, that for some reason, I thought would taste better in a cake than as is. I’m obviously blessed with some sort of cheesecake foresight. Because I mean, who doesn’t want an Oreo crust! I also had this amazing blog with a recipe that I’d been dying to try but needed to figure out how to tone the calories down a bit. Done and done.

This cake was a ‘Welcome to Mumbai!’ gesture for my sister, but I kinda wish I’d had the guts to just scarf it all down. Although her eyes went really wide when she took the first bite, so my restraint was worth it :)

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Caramelized Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

I missed my blog! As much as I loved being a beach bum in Sri Lanka last month, it is good to be back :) The holiday hangover is finally going down, thank God!

If you’re following my Facebook page, you’ll know I had a bit of a blondie-disaster the other day. I thought running out of butter couldn’t do too much harm. So wrong. And that’s why the blog was silent last week. But not anymore.

IMG_8414 copy

Summer is here and how. Mumbai’s getting swelteringly hot, even ceiling fans seem to be faltering in the face of it. So, to make the best of it, we should embrace the one and only good thing about Indian summers. Tropical fruits! My favourites are mangoes and pineapples. And that’s what you’re going to be seeing over the next few posts.

IMG_8386 copy

This gooey, sticky, caramel-y, moist and bursting with pineapple flavour cake gave me a few panic-stricken moments, I’ll explain why in just a bit. But looks like the tropics were on my side after all :)

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Chocolate Cake with Olive Oil and Barley

I know the title of this post sounds like I’m going to be using the words ‘organic’ and ‘healthy’ a lot. Unfortunately, not. But this is still a lightened up chocolate cake and a pretty heavenly one at that!

IMG_8371 copy

I spent last weekend in super super super hot Goa, munching these cookies by the sea, kayaking, lying on the beach on a full moon night sipping wine and a lot more awesomeness of this sort. Back in the city now, with a tan and a yearning for chocolate. Though the latter has very little to do with Goa :)

IMG_8345 copy

This cake is crazy soft, moist and chocolatey and comes together in 10 minutes flat. Sometimes you just need good old chocolate cake, right?

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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

I think these might be the best cookies I’ve ever made. I stunned myself, honestly! I had no clue that turning these into a PB version would be such a success.

IMG_8332 copy

Thick, fudgy and almost brownie like, with the most amazing PB flavour right in the middle of it all.

IMG_8334 copy

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat a plain dark chocolate cookie again. MUST HAVE PEANUT BUTTER.

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Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt

I’m sorry the title of this post is so long. But there is too much deliciousness to leave even a single word out! I think salt+chocolate might be my new favourite thing. EVER.

IMG_8297 copy

These are the most experimental cookies I’ve made so far. And they still blew my mind. This a looooong post, so feel free to gape at the pictures if you’re not into cookie analysis :)

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