Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Say this:

Plain bun. Plum bun. Bun without a plum.

Now say it really fast:


If you didn’t say “bum”, “blum” or “plub”, you deserve two slices of this cake. With the ice cream.

IMG_9073 copy

Where, you might ask, did I come across this epic waste of time, but oh-so-fun tongue twister? We had a good friend over this weekend, and as we ate some phenomenal food and gave the vineyards in Nashik a ton of business, he made us take turns saying that. Needless to say, we all failed.

Unlike this cake.

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Orange Almond Barley Muffins

There’s just one bad thing about a vacation: coming back. Last week, after nine days of eating, drinking and generally doing nothing productive, reality hit me hard. And the blog took the beating :) It’s been a bit silent around these parts, but I’m back now!

IMG_9070 copy

With a healthy muffin you could eat for breakfast: barley flour, orange pulp and almond meal. Not bad, huh?

IMG_9049 copy

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My Mom’s Shrikhand

My last name is ‘Shrikhande’. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it does not mean my ancestors made, or ate, a bucketful of shrikhand for every meal.

It does mean that everyone thinks of dessert every time they hear my name. This has been on since way before the blog :)


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Chocolate Chilli Cookies

This is the ultimate example of desi-fying cookies. Ultimate.

I present to you, dark chocolate chunk cookies, spiked with, wait for it…Everest Tikhalal red chilli powder. I kid you not.

Before you laugh (or is it too late?), I must promise you these are awesome. When not in Mexico with access to chipotle and cayenne powder, this is what you do. And it’s a darn good substitute.

Fudgy, almost brownie-like, rich, dark cookies. With the most delightful cinnamon-chilli kick.

IMG_9007 copy


Topped with sea salt for some extra crunch, colour and flavour, these take a second to get used to. But it’s well worth it :)

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Cream Cheese Frosted, Colourful Donuts

This is part two of my adventure with yeast donuts. Part one has the story :) I made 6 of these with cinnamon-sugar topping and 6 with coloured cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. That struck me last minute, just because I had a box of cream cheese in the fridge. Love it when that happens.

IMG_8994 copy

Look how fun!!


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Cinnamon Donuts

There’s this term, ‘First World Problems’, that’s been floating around for a while. Seemingly trivial issues that at that moment, feel like the end of our world as we know it.

Can I just say, yeast inexplicably refusing to dissolve and construction workers sending paint dust flying all over my precious donuts, need to go right at the TOP of that list.

IMG_8974 copy

Because on Sunday afternoon, I really did think someone out there really didn’t like me. NOTHING would go right!! However, where there’s a dough, there’s a way.

I present to you, cinnamon sugar donuts that basically say “first world problems, in your FACE!”

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Microwave Brownie

This has been a crazy week. C.R.A.Z.Y

Our house got flooded twice thanks to a loose pipe. Work has been keeping us on our toes. And this summer is particularly murderous.

Thank god for brownies that are ready in a minute.

IMG_8917 copy

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