Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the rush to make every conceivable baked good with peanut butter, I almost forgot I had no regular peanut butter cookies! So I finally got down to it and jazzed them up with chocolate chips, of course, because I can’t seem to get enough of that combination. Check these out. And these.

There’s a protein-packed version and a Reese’s Cups version.

And then there are these. Soft, chewy, classic goodness.

IMG_0324 copy

Make the dough at night, stick it in the fridge, go to sleep smiling and wake up to fresh cookies in about 15 minutes. I mean, what part of that does not sound good.

Just this: they are ADDICTIVE. Gooey chocolate chips inside, peanut butter flavour exploding all over the place and the perfect soft soft soft texture. Much like these.

IMG_0335 copy

They are thick and puffy, not flimsy at all. Thank the dough-chilling for that. And this recipe. A little sugar adjustment (of course) and a bit of temperature changing and we were good to go.

Cup of hot, strong coffee and you have what they call happiness.

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Chilli Chocolate Cakes for Two

A few weekends ago, I decided I need a weekend where I don’t try and conquer the world. So, this weekend I watched a bunch of movies (Nightcrawler is AMAZING but CREEPY), made some fabulous pasta, sipped white wine while watching Grey’s Anatomy (I know, I know), proved to myself that chocolate and chilli always works, aaaaaand saw my dentist (my teeth are surprisingly not falling out yet).

I conquered the world without actually working on it :D

IMG_0307 copy

Sunday afternoon chocolate cakes. Always. Always. Always. With some excellent Bean Therapy Guntur Chilli Chocolate stuffed in the center. Ooey gooey spiked awesomeness.

Yes my oven went into overdrive and cooked these cakes way faster than I expected so I had some mutilation on hand, but oh my god, still so good.

IMG_0308 copy

I’ve worked with Bean Therapy before too and I’m seriously in love with their chocolate. Inside these little cakes, perfectly proportioned for two, those squares of chilli flavoured chocolate are incredible.

I think you should make these. Your next weekend will be unbelievable.

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Oatmeal Butterscotch and PB Chip cookies

I spend an extraordinary amount of time on BuzzFeed. It’s ridiculous really. I can tell you the 21 ways FRIENDS will solve global warming, the 14 coldest hearts that even puppies can melt, the 12 benefits of socks and the 25 cookies you must, must bake.

That last one is of course authentic, but I’m sure someone will create a list for the others too. BuzzFeed is awesome. And so are these cookies.

IMG_0254 copy

That wonderfully sinful list of cookies led me to this beautiful blog. I had butterscotch chips in the fridge, I had peanut butter chips in the fridge and I hadn’t done any weeknight baking or cookie making in a while. It was time.

IMG_0238 copy

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Banana Blueberry Barley Bread

Say that real fast. Bananablueberrybarleybread. Bananablueberrybarleybread. Bananablueberrybarleybread.

Alliteration. Almost as beautiful as this banana blueberry barley bread.

And, it’s EGGLESS. I just didn’t want to break that rhythm by throwing a word in there that didn’t begin with ‘b’.

I have problems, I know. Does this make up for it?

IMG_0211 copy

Moist, super flavourful, made with wholegrain barley flour. Bananas make up for anything apparently. Lack of sugar, lack of eggs, lack of potassium. This bread does have some sugar unlike this one, but no harm done. Blueberries have antioxidants. That balances it all out.

IMG_0176 copy

If like me, you look suspiciously at anything that says ‘eggless’, I like you already. If like me, you assume flaxseeds, condensed milk, milk powder and/or other sundry ingredients went into this cake, I continue to like you.

This my friends, is the eggless cake that egg-full cakes should be scared of. It tastes that good. And could fool the biggest banana bread lover out there. Me.

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Raisin Bread Pudding

So a while ago I made these, which led to this, which culminated in a bread-filled Saturday with the Baker’s Dozen!

IMG_0166 copy

What started off as a fun experiment with the brioche quickly turned into a visit to their store in Prabhadevi and a lot of planning from then on. The aim was to create a YouTube channel that would take their breads to the next level with a whole bunch of easy, fun ways to use them. Thank you guys so much for making me a part of it :)

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Blueberry Lemon Bread

I have decided I need to spend my weekends less like weekdays. This blog has me on my toes starting Friday to Monday morning. If I’m not tracking down ingredients, I’m researching recipes. I’m either knee-deep in flour or on my knees in my ‘studio’ aka ‘table-on-top-of-an-AC-inside-a-window-below-laundry-hanging-above-my-head’.

This weekend I really went crazy. This blueberry lemon bread on Friday night, a bread pudding with The Baker’s Dozen on a really fun Saturday afternoon and then some truly disastrous beignets on Sunday. The first two were incredible. The third was….well, in the dustbin. By Sunday evening, I needed a weekend.

And that’s when I realised, I should bake my cake and eat it too. Instead of you know, making more cake.

IMG_0031 copy

And so, a chilled slice of this moist, lemony, blueberry-packed bread, was all I wanted. Another great justification for the idea that you can eat cake for breakfast :D

IMG_0042 copy

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Mawa Cake with Chocolate Kahwa Frosting

We got married on a cold, wintry December evening in Delhi. And most of it is a blur. I know I had 57 hairpins poked into my head and was oddly comfortable. I know I smiled more than I ever have in my life. And for the most part, I was operating on auto-pilot.

What I do remember clearly though, is being handed a cup of hot, steaming Kashmiri Kahwa, when for the first time that day, I realised I was cold. I’d never had it before and wasn’t expecting a flood of warm spiced tea and saffron scented wondrousness. It was so good, I used the word ‘wondrousness’.

IMG_9919 copy

It turns out, that very same kahwa, infused in a divine bar of dark chocolate, poured on top of a cardamom-flecked traditional Mawa Cake, creates something very special.

IMG_9915 copy

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