Chocolate Mousse Pie

Honestly, no one should be eating this. No one should even be looking at it.

But I’ll let you peek.

IMG_9495 copy

Cream, butter, and butter again. This pie is like the friend you secretly know is a  bad influence. So hard to ignore.

Bursting with chocolate in the pastry and in the rich filling, light but dense, and generally full of paradoxes, this pie will make a bad day very good. Just don’t look in the mirror after.

IMG_9502 copy

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Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

This cake is the perfect way to end a Saturday evening of pizza and a FRIENDS marathon. Not the wildest, but definitely the tastiest. Just saying.

IMG_9474 copy


This is my favourite pound cake yet. Buttery as always, but not in a way that makes you hate yourself. Plenty of cocoa and melty chocolate chips make it impossible to stop devouring slice after slice. This blogging thing is testing my self control to the absolute limit.

IMG_9479 copy

It’s soft, fluffy, moist and did I mention buttery? So good.

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Lemon Pie

You know you married the right man when he rolls out pastry dough because you’re too scared to do it yourself. With my sister and now-proven-better-half cheering in the kitchen, we made a pie from scratch.

And it was pretty good, if I do say so myself.

IMG_9441 copy

Lemony, creamy filling and the buttery-est crust to back it up. This pie is REALLY good for the ego :)

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The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

I just needed a cookie. A chocolate chip cookie. A thick, chewy, soft cookie. With slightly crispy edges and a squidgy center. With melty chocolate chips oozing everywhere.

IMG_9431 copy

I didn’t want a chocolate chip cookie with chill, peanut butter, more peanut butter, sea salt, white chocolate, Reese’s or even barley. Not even these mildly skinny but tasty ones. Not even these chocolate overdose ones. Definitely not these super healthy ones.

I wanted a basic but gigantic ol’ cookie. With butter and brown sugar. And all things bad.

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Cinnamon Sugar Popovers

These are officially the most terrifying things I’ve ever made.

I actually Googled ‘popovers’ multiple times to figure out why mine looked like these monstrous bits of dough puffing up in the oven like there was no tomorrow. And why they went sort of flat when I pulled them out. And whether they were supposed to be completely hollow. And whether it was ok that they were bottomless (so weird!!).

IMG_9421 copy

Apparently, all of that nerve-wracking popover behaviour is some sort of right of passage. Everyone seems to have their own story. Tall popovers, hollow popovers, bottomless popovers, crispy popovers, soggy popovers.

I read A LOT of popover stories. This is mine :)

IMG_9411 copy

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Besan Ladoos

Happy Diwali, folks! Hope you’ve got a super brightly lit house and a lot of sugar into your system by now :)

IMG_9388 copy

This Diwali has been a bit of a last-minute dash to get lights and diyas, before we realised there’s not a single matchstick at home either. I was well-prepared, as you can tell.

These ladoos were just as much of a “oh ok, let’s do this” sort of thing. I set out to make karanjis (like Maharashtrian versions of the North Indian ‘ghujiya’), then realised we have no coconut, then realised we have besan and here’s what happened :)

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Whole Wheat Banana Bread (sugar-free)

I’m finally over my fear of whole wheat flour. As long as there’s a banana in the fruit basket.

Because OH MY GOD.

IMG_9369 copy

I was not expecting this beautiful, dark, rich, dense-but-not-in-a-gross-way, moist, soft, banana-y bread. With just a smidgen of olive oil and no sugar. No kidding.

IMG_9353 copy

I was expecting a tough, leathery bread. So wrong. And I’m going to call this bread, not just cake baked in a loaf tin, just because it really is healthy and you could eat it for breakfast and go on your merry way.

Thanks to the lovely Kate at Cookie and Kate, I officially believe in magic :)

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