Chocolate, Caramel, Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Yes, I really did this. I really went over to the dark (chocolate) side.

I decided that the long weekend is over and there must be people out there feeling as blue as I am about it. So it is ok to eat this.

IMG_9813 copy

(To those lovely people who took the time out to tell me what they’d like to see on the blog, the strawberry post is a bit longer and I sort of ran out of time, so you get to eat these sandwiches first and something INSANE on Friday :D)

Back to these illegal sandwiches that I calmly ate for breakfast on Sunday morning. After making a strawberry cheesecake, these blondies and just before a pretty awesome mushroom bourguignon that I tried for the first time.

It was not a healthy weekend. Unless you count retail therapy as exercise? (Yes?)

IMG_9817 copy

I digress again. There is melted dark chocolate and peanut butter, a layer of oozy salted caramel (yes, still doing fine in my fridge) all sandwiched between buttery brioche from The Baker’s Dozen.

I can’t even.

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Dangerously Easy Chocolate Pudding

Every time I watch Emily sitting in her hospital bed, stuffing chocolate pudding into her mouth, yelling her lungs out at Andy, it makes me want to eat chocolate pudding. The Devil Wears Prada sets off weird cravings, apparently.

The only problem with that chocolate pudding, is it’s probably the gelatinous, packaged kind of goo. This one is not.

IMG_9785 copy

This one is smooth and silky. It’s like chocolate ice-cream that won’t melt. My sister came up with that description and then called me Willy Wonka.

She’s such a flatterer :)

IMG_9771 copy

Here’s what this chocolate pudding is NOT. It is not sophisticated. It is not particularly beautiful to look at it. It is not garnished with pretty things. But here’s what it IS. It is delicious.

That’s all.

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Salted Caramel Apple Crumble Pie

I think the title of this post needs some punctuation. But I’m not sure how or where to punctuate it. It’s almost as if the awesomeness of this pie must be not be broken up by a comma. Or worse, a semi-colon.

I mean, look at it.

IMG_9745 copy

I must warn you all. There is A LOT of crumble and even more of a rich, buttery shortcrust base. But that’s how like it. More crust in every bite. You can tell yourself there’s fruit in this pie and therefore eating it for breakfast is ok (I did that).

I won’t tell.

IMG_9740 copy

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Mulled Tea Cake

As far as I’m concerned, the new year JUST began. So it’s ok to still be feeling festive. Our tree is still up and we had never gotten around to putting lights on it. We’re thinking of finally doing that and leaving it up for the rest of January.

I know you’re judging me just a bit. And so I’m going to distract you with this cake. Which is as Christmasy as this one.

IMG_9719 copy

The super awesome customised board you see in this photo was a gift from my Secret Santa. And the mulled tea that went into this cake was a gift from another friend to her Santa Baby (what exactly is the recipient called?). 

IMG_9697 copy

As always, I fell for the tin that this beautiful tea came in. Designed by the super talented Alicia Souza and made by, but unfortunately sold out on, the Tea Trunk. It has all the flavours that these little pies have, but in a cup of tea. I don’t think it gets much better than that. I’m not the world’s most enthusiastic tea drinker, but a cup of this does taste pretty darn good. One whiff when you open the packet will send your olfactory bulbs into raptures, I kid you not.

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Christmas Mince Pies

You guys. I think these might be the best things ever seen on The Desserted Girl. They’re so good that even my wary ‘sugar is bad’ better half said “everything about them is perfect”.

MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALL! I don’t think mine could have gotten off to a better start :) I hope you have lots of happiness, lots of sweets and lots of merry making today! Let’s eat pie :D IMG_9655 copy

These were super fun to make, time consuming, but really fun. Isn’t that what festive food is all about?

IMG_9662 copy

Fruity, sweet, spicy, sugary rum-soaked mince filling a buttery shortcrust pastry. I’m not even a fan of dried fruits and nuts, and I wolfed one down in about 3 seconds flat. Soft and rich, these little pies are oozing Christmas all over the place. Continue reading

Gingerbread Muffins with Salted Caramel Sauce

I’ve decided I’m going to live in a gingerbread house. Marry a gingerbread man. And keep baking gingerbread.

Mainly because I can’t get enough of these muffins. And this sauce.

IMG_9638 copy

Christmas is basically here. And there’s no better way to say hello.

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Salted Caramel Sauce

Hello, lovely people! Happy week of Christmas!

To start us off, here’s a jar of salted caramel sauce. It’s awesome with these super fabulous muffins, but really, it will go great with just a spoon. No judgement.

IMG_9614 copy

Sweet, sticky, toffee-like, with a salty kick. Drizzled all over pretty much anything you want. You’re welcome :)

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